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The Special wing under TMA T.M.E.F – Tall Men Executive Force is in the number one position. The members ofTMA can only work with the T.M.E.F activities. There are about 500 cadets, who are able to work as T.M.E.Fmembers. People from other employment fields, part time and full time workers, students, and people working in force with a monthly salary range of Rs.5000 to Rs.50000. All cadets are 6ft or more tall, physically fit, dressed up well with costly uniforms including coats. There are members who have taken VRS and have those retired from Milllitary force too. More over, the force members are the ones who have got good training and are well disciplened as a Military force is. The force are highly into the,


  • Protection of VIP’s,
  • Star Night Celebrations,
  • Grand Inaugurations held,
  • High class marriages,
  • Exhibitions conducted in different regions.

In T.M.E.F, under the Director, there are other positions like District Captains, Supervisors, Assistant Supervisors and each position do have their corresponding uniform and Position Badges. In Kerala, T.M.E.F is the only private force who controls the crowd with the help of Walky Talky. Another specialty is that this organisation also runs a marriage bureau which helps the tall people find their suitable life partners. This is lead by the State President Shri.Tigris Antony. ( to be put in the link for Marriage bureau)Male candidates with 6 Ft height and female candidates wih 5 ft 8 inch can register in the bureau and thus helps them to find out a suitable life partner.

The organisation is working on different social, cultural, sports activities. As a part of growth in the same activities, TMA is planning of working along with organisations of simillar aims.